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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


There is a little story behind this title.The first time some of us Canadian found this trail we were with a Arizonian rider. She knows who she is LOL, anyway she had never ridden this trail and her reaction is the above title of this blog. Yes it is one of the best trails ever. 

Again we are camping and riding at Picket Post. You will find directions on earlier post on how to get to Picket Post. Below is a Map of the "OMG Best Trail EVER!!

We rode the pink part of the trail it is about 11 miles around a 4 to 5 hour loop. There are some parts that are a little bit of a challenge but on the most part a pretty good safe trail.

Our friend Katherine Cerra from Buckeye AZ joined us with her Mule Floppy. 

Katherine and Floppy
Because it was a hot day we rode the south side of the mountain first and then around through the canyon part coming home. 

The first part of the trail winds around the base of the south side of Picket Post mountain 

Say to the left when the rocks markers come up the trail will take you to a gravel road follow the road until you see more rock piles on the left. This is were you start to get into a narrow canyon. 

When you see this start looking for the rock piles to take the trail to the left off the gravel road

Almost at trail to left 

The first part of the trail is through this draw. 

Incredible Rock formations through the canyon 

This area is called Arnett Canyon. There is no shortage of water over on this side as the creek wined it's self through the Canyon. You do many creek crosses. 

This was a super place for lunch water for the horses and shade for all of us. 

This is the deepest crossing

I love this shot our friend Katherine took of me and my stallion "The Huntsman"

The rock formations just keep coming up around every corner of the trail

The most part the footing on the trail is just lovely

This is another cool rock out on the trail

We finish the ride at the windmill to water the horses 

The back to camp

Sitting around the fire with some good friends and a view of Picket post in the back ground. We had a Mexican Pot Luck. 

Another Cool sunset 

"Happy Trails" too you until me meet again :)

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