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Sunday, 16 February 2014


We headed back to Picket Post Mountain after our month was up at Goldfield Ghost Town.  Picket Post is on the way to Globe AZ off of Hwy 60 just before Superior AZ. If you go past the Arboretum you have gone too far. Going up Hwy 60 towards Superior you will see you first Forest Fire Alert sign at the second Fire sign the lane on the right closes the turn and brown trail head sign is there. Comes up fast after the second fire sign.

GPS 33.269295, -111.182031
When heading east on 60 look for Fire Hazard sign on the right then the right line ends and the Picket Post turn is next.

Once you take the turn in go past cattle corrals and windmill you will come to a T turn left there go up just a short ways and you will see an area (like below) to pull your rigs into camp. You can camp here for up to 14 days. Just remember "Leave no Trace". 

For day rides you can continue to the end of the gravel road to the trail head parking lot. There is a day staging area there for horses with hitching rails.
Our campsite full of Canadians at Picket Post

Picket Post Mountain 
Watering hole below windmill

Verna opening the gait to the corral for us. 

We had 9 riders our first day on the trail all Canadians 

This is the Canyon behind Picket Post

An old silver mine 

Mini Grand Canyon

This tracks from a mule train and wagons are over 10 years old if not older

John Brown took this amazing picture of the Moon from camp on Valentines day.

Our second day of riding pictures below

Again we are riding part of the Arizona Trail

We started out with 11 riders today

Tim and Paula from Alaska above

Cool shot of a Slot Canyon I took of John Brown

John Brown was taking pictures the same time as me LOL this is his shot of me taking a picture of him

John took this shot too of the bunch of us once we got through the narrow Slot Canyon

Looking back again at the Slot Canyon

Back at Camp

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