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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Our month at Goldfield has come to an end. As much as I love staying here there is way more of Arizona to see. We are heading back to Picket Post to do some more riding. On of our very best friends Sharon Jackson is leaving Vancouver BC next week to catch up with us. We will ride here until she arrives then we will head south to Catalina and the Chiricahua Monument

Below are pictures of our last days of riding at Goldfield

One young Saguaro cactus and one dead one

Jumping Chain fruit cactus 

We headed into town for some hay
 Shopper on Apache Trail in Apache Junction has almost everything you need from Hay to Wrangle jeans. Their BabyQ wrangles are almost $20.00 less here. 

Our campsite view

I will miss this town and the people.

Another beautiful sunset

We are babysitting Pinky our friend Alan Gilman's dog while he goes home to see his daughters and grandkids for 5 days. 

Pinky staying pretty close to me out on the trail

This is a very smart dog she is staying in my horses shadow on this hot winter day.

Pinky's new friend Sammy

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