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Saturday, 15 February 2014


I thought I would write a little about taking your pets camping with you as well as horses. There was a post on our Camping and horses facebook page about taking dogs camping with you and we had so many comments and different views on the dog issue. We as most of you know travel with 2 exotic cats, a 14 year old Aussie, an 11 year old Jack Russell , one Paint gelding and one paint stallion. Sounds a little challenging right? Well all our animals are great travellers and get along with other animals even our cats. So not so challenging and we have been doing it for a while now too.

We do a lot of BLM (Crownland) camping. In most cases we can keep our dog off leash. Just clean up after them. You have to respect other campers. If there are campers that don't like dogs around keep you animals leashed. I find if the camp is full of dogs have them all loose. Dogs seem to work things out between themselves if they are loose. We have 14 dogs in our camp right now and only 6 rigs. There are more dogs then humans LOL We have had no issues. The dogs are having as good a time as us.

In the hot weather make sure you have lots of water around for your pets. If you do take you dogs on the trail also carry lots of water incase there is none on the trail. If you in an area like we are in like Arizona carry something to take the cactus out of your dogs paws and mouth. The first thing a dog does when he gets cactus is tries to bit it off and it ends up in the mouth.

Below are pictures of pets in camp. 

We do not camp in areas that are not pet friendly. 

This was a guy over at Goldfield that would bring his dogs to the campsite every morning to walk them out on the BLM lands. 

Here is our campsite at Picket Post. There is lots of room for the dogs to wonder around. 

Our F5 Savannah cat whom thinks she is a dog and hangs around camp

This is Duma our Exotic cat she is kept on a zip line

All the animals get along well the dog in he middle is a friends dog and our cats and dogs have excepted her into their pack. 

Buddy Miner above is the cutest dog. He was abandoned out on the desert last winter as a 7 month old pup. If Darrell Brown had not taken him in who knows what would have happened to him. 

As you can see our animals are all relaxed in camp.

Walking through camp dogs going in every direction

Last night all the dogs were hanging out at our camp site

Our cat got into Cactus we got it all out and she is smart enough not to get back into it

Buddy Miner and Pinky out on the trail. We found water this day so they have already gone for a swim.

We took our Aussie in to Pet Smart and had her coat groomed and trimmed because of the heat

And even your pets love watch the beautiful Arizona sunsets

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