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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wickenburg on the BLM Lands

We headed back to Wickenburg but with Spring break in full swing Sophies Flat was full of ATV campers so we headed up the road past the windmill and found a great spot for all our Rigs out on the BLM lands. Peg and Randy Diefert arrived from Washington and Darrel Brown was still there because there is still too much snow in B.C. for him to go back trucking yet. 
Our Campsite

First ride with Peg and Randy

Monday we headed to the Boxed Canyon that is on the Hassayampa River we rode the Dinosaur  Wash to the Hassayampa this is a super ride. 

Here is a desert Jack Rabbit that did not seem to be afraid of us. 

Dinosaur wash got the name from some of the rock shapes over looking the wash. 

Darrell rode above us to try and get a picture of the rock formation. 

The one big rock formation here is called "Fornicating Bear" LOL and the formation above this looks like a dinosaur or large lizard. 

Some of the wash is a little challenging but here is Peg and Chief heading down into the wash behind Darrell Brown

Along the way there are a few old mines 

Randy heading down the wash. 

Peg in the Boxed Canyon

Peg and Randy in the Boxed Canyon

Heading down the Hassayampa River

There is one part of this river that always flows 

Heading back towards the Boxed Canyon 

Before you enter the Boxed Canyon there is a lovely shady area where we had lunch under some beautiful trees. 

Back up the Dinosaur wash and heading back to Camp. 
Another beautiful sunset and another day in Paradise 

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  1. Wow, what beautiful country!!! I am so jealous, but in a good way! :-)