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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Catalina State Park - Equestrian Camping and staging area

Heading back to Catalina for a couple days before heading back to Goldfield

These are beautiful mountains 

This horse of Darrell's Bailey maybe a little on the hot side but she will go anywhere for Darrell. 

Click here to find you way to the Park

Find out more about this park click here

There are lots of trails that are well marked

It is like a desert garden on these trails

Some of the trails are a little challenging but if you have a good horse you will do just fine.

Every time I give Darrell my camera to take a picture of Ron and I there is always a mug shot of him in the camera. 

Darrell by this jumbo cactus

And to think people eat off this. Darrell Brown trying to get his last few rays before heading back to Canada. As you can see in the horse staging area there is BBQ's fire-pits and picnic tables. 

Since our first trip here in 2007 this place has become very busy. It is almost impossible to get a pen. We just put up our shock fence. 

I took these 2 pictures back in 2007 when we were the only campers with horses in the park for over a week. 

Back in 2007 we had no problem getting pens

2013 pens are full and most of the camp site. 
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  1. very cool!
    do they have water available there?

  2. Yes there is water here Randy.

  3. Yep, that is what we have found both times we have been to Catalina we were hardly able to fit the rig in the camp area, let alone have corrals for the horses. But we did manage to find a small piece of BLM a few miles north up the valley where we overnighted.

    1. We never got corrals the last 2 times so had to put up portable fencing. It is a lovely park but there are lots of places to go other then here were you can camp and the riding is better. :)

  4. We want to come to Arizona in your opinion, is this one of the best choices for our little group? We are driving 8 hours from New Mexico, so we want a special riding and camping experience. Any advice, tips to share?

    Thank you,