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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sedona Arizona just beautiful!

The first set of Pictures was taken by Ron so you will for a change even see pictures of me and Hunter. It doesn't feel real here it is so surreal just beautiful. Some say you have to come to Sedona to find your self. 
Words and pictures really can't describe how beautiful it is here in Sedona 

Darrell and Bailey heading into the red rocks. Darrell is looking for the Vortex. Said he found himself now there are 2 of them scary thought. 

Hunter and I 

Cattle water hole 

Look I am in almost every picture. :) 

Time exposures with all of us, Darrell, Ron Kelly, Peg and Randy 

Side view 

Love these shots Ron took with his Go Pro Camera

Rear view Ron is missing 

Almost back at camp we rode all the way to the red rocks in the back ground. 

We did almost 13 miles today. Here is Randy taking up the rear.

Pictures below are my pictures of the ride today. 
Great shot of the gang 

We had to ride up and down a few canyons to get to the red rocks 

Beautiful red rock formations. 

Ron and Peg up a head

Trying to set up a group shot. Darrell is setting camera. 

Randy enjoying the view

Had to ride up to bring Darrell down from the red rocks. I think he found the Vortex LOL 

Just a wonderful place to ride and see.

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