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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bumble Bee Arizona

We left Wickenburg on Friday to head to a place we have not seen or ridden in Bumble Bee AZ it is a small ghost town about 45 miles north of Phoenix. You take Hwy 17 North from Phoenix and just past Black Canyon you take the Crown King Road exit and drive down the twisty turny road past to the Bumble Bee Ranch (where you can dry camp for $10 a night horses are $10 without feed or $20 with, a night). We drove past the ranch about a mile and found a great place on the BLM Lands above the sand wash to camp and ride from. You can camp on the BLM lands there for up to 14 days. 
Our Campsite on the BLM Lands in Bumble Bee AZ 

Darrell's camp

Our horses had a great spot with shade.

We rode down the wash past the Bumble Bee ranch into an area of Cottonwood trees it was beautiful.  

The Bumble Bee ranch 
Came across some cool places on our ride. Here is an old abandoned cabin on the river

Darrell and Buddie Miners new home.

Cool old bridge on Bumble bee road (Crown King) 

The desert was like a garden Oasis  

Saw some really cool rock formations 

Darrell trying to splash us. 

Heading up river

We did many river crossings

There is a story behind the wet saddle on the ground. Darrell was galloping a head in the water so Ron picked up the canter to try and splash him but they hit a deep spot and both we in for a bit of a swim. LOL

Darrell and Buddie Miner having fun in the water. 

Gorgeous scenery 

Found some spanish ruins 

A couple ATV'ers took our picture.

Randy checking out one of the ruins 

Heading home , Peg and her Appy Chief

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