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Friday, 29 March 2013

More on Sedona and Cottonwood

This was our last day camping out on Forest road 525C. We had a fantastic ride and found a really cool cave dwelling they say was over 1000 years old. After everyone left for home Ron and I headed to Cottonwood and are now camping at "Dead Horse State Park". There are 4 corrals and the riding is good. It is close enough you can drive to Sedona for dinner.
Our last day camping on the BLM Lands on 525C forest road. Randy took this sunrise picture

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast 

Please can I just get a small bite :) 

Darrell Browns last morning in Arizona he left after the biscuits and gravy and headed home to BC

Our last ride with Peg and Randy

Yes a rare picture of me. 

Look over there !!

It doesn't getting better then this for riding

Ran into a herd of deer 

Heading up the hill so Ron can go up to the Cave dwelling they say is over 1000 years old

Randy zoomed in to see there where people up there

At the top over looking the whole valley. 

Looking up at Cave dwelling on the way up the hill 

Ron took this picture you can see Cimaron Ron's horse and Randy standing there I am somewhere down there. 

Riding back out after Ron and Peg walked up to see Cave Dwellings

Randy and Jake 

This is how you see me on the trails always taking pictures so I can blog. 

"Dead Horse State Park

Picnic area at "Dead Horse State Park

You can even rent a horse to ride in "Dead Horse State Park

RV area at "Dead Horse State Park

Just unbelievably beautiful here. We took a drive to Sedona for a walk and dinner it is about 15 miles from Cottonwood. 

Cute art work all over Sedona

Jeep tours anyone? They start at about $45 

We had dinner here where this horse stood. Below is my dinner Ron had the burger "Good food".

So you want a Jeep tour? Lots to chose from in Sedona

This is a cool site "Chapel of the Holy Cross" this church is built right into the red rocks of Sedona

Our campsite at the "Dead Horse State Park" in Cottonwood at sunrise with the full moon in the background.

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