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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Last day in Bumble Bee heading to Sedona

It has been a real treat camping here in Bumble Bee. We only had 2 days of riding could have done 2 weeks but Randy, Peg and Darrell all have to be home by the end of the month and would like to see Sedona
Riding down wash towards the Bumble Bee Ranch

We rode the river in another direction today came across a small water fall

Some of the rock formations are so cool. 

Rode up to a view point above the river 

More cool formations

What of view the whole Black Canyon, Bumble Bee valley

Heading back down the mountain to the river

After the long hot ride to the view point the horses could wait to get back to the water. 

Rare Crowned cactus 

Back at Camp

Almost a full moon

Last Yukon candle in Bumble Bee heading to Sedona in the morning

On our way out you can see other areas to camp with your horses over looking the river

This road is very twisty but if we can drive in anyone can. You can see Randy's truck just coming over the crest of the hill. 

Sedona is beautiful!!

Campsite on the BLM lands you can camp in the first 5 miles of Forest road 525C 

Happy horses 

Tomorrow night it will be the full moon. 

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