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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Our Arizona friend Suzi came for the weekend to do a little trail riding. She brought her young gelding Jesse to pony out on the trail. Jesse is like a big dog loves to hang around people so he hung out with us at camp. 

Alan Gilman's friend from Idaho came for a visit and rode one of Alan's mules. This day we did the Bull dog canyon ride.  We drove up the street past the first water turn off there is a gravel pit parking lot on the right hand side about a mile past 1st water. You cross the street at the gravel pit and follow the hoof prints into Bull dog. There is a big trail system in the area. 

 I rode Peg's mule Rita. 

I love the views through the ears of a mule. 

Ron and Corrie heading up the hill a head of us 

Suzi let her colt Jesse loose and he was so good just followed behind. 

Look at the view behind Corrie 

Suzi coming up over the hill with Jesse. 

Here is a great shot of Miss Kitty and Corrie coming up and over the saddle back. 

Lunch then head back to camp. Another great ride 

Suzi's camp site behind us in the sunset 

The next day we rode from camp. We headed to the hills behind Goldfield know at Bulld Dog or Goldfield mountain range. 

This is a mutated Barrel cactus. Pretty cool :) 

Suzi worked Jesse up on to one of the rock view points. 

This is such a nice colt and will make a lovely trail horse. Very willing. 

Ron up on one of the many view points over looking Mesa. 

Heading back to camp another super ride. 

Corrie's last day we took him to Hackberry Spring this is a lovely ride. We rode from the same gravel pit as we did when we rode Bull dog but did not cross the street. We took a right out the trails out of the back of the parking lot. Heading up past the 1st water parking lot and headed to the left of 1st water. 

Here is the trail heading almost straight down to Hackberry. 

This picture does not look as scary as it is to ride down. LOL 

I really love this ride. 

Down down down we headed 

Almost to the bottom 

Lots of water at the bottom

Lovely views. Here is Elisabeth our friend from Naramata BC on her pony Romeo

Corrie rode Miss Foxy on this trail 

We headed back to camp early started out at 8am so Corrie could get his mid afternoon flight home. Also it is getting pretty hot in the mid day so riding early is good. 

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