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Friday, 6 February 2015


After last weeks rain it is nice to have the hot weather back. It is getting even hotter here in Apache Junction. We had planned a few weeks ago to head to Picket Post mountain but we keep having more people arrive and we can't help but show them around on the trails it is just so beautiful here. 

Elisabeth campsite above us. 
Last weekend it was my son and his dad who arrived from Vancouver to see the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. This week a riding friend Elisabeth from Naramata BC arrived late sunday night following another friend Michael and Gloria down from BC. Michael has been here before but neither Gloria or Elisabeth have so it was time to take them out on the trail. 

I missed the first few rides as my stallion Hunter some how put his shoulder out. Had a great person work on him and he is on the mead but until then I have been riding "Miss Kitty" Alan's new Mule. 

My Savannah Cat Kenya loves to mess with Randy and Peg's dog Bandit. Bandit really wants to be friends. 

Teri from Ohio with here 2 horses in the Sunset at our camp. 

Our camp in the BLM lands in Apache Junction next to Goldfield

We had a great night out at The Hitching Post. It is a fun place to ride or drive to for dinner, dancing and we even watched the Super Bowl there. Thursdays and Saturdays they have Bull riding too.  

Beautiful Sunrise here in the Superstition Mountains

Looking through the ears of "Miss Kitty". Love this mule. :) 

Our on a ride with Peg, Randy , Ron, Alan and some new friends from Arizona. 

Randy's Birthday dinner under the full moon. 

The next day we had planned on riding to Saguaro Lake but we had to back track because I some how lost my GPS. I will be lost with out it. :(

Heading out from the Salt River

This is always a lovely ride. 

Our favourite little ledgy trail along the Salt River. 

Our friend Elisabeth coming down of  the ledgy trail to the beach at the Salt River. 

Another great view through the ears of "Miss Kitty". 

I had a race with Elisabeth with "Miss Kitty" but we were no match for her 20 year old Second "B" Welsh pony gelding. 

Backtracking as we look for my GPS

Elisabeth Pony will out walk us all. 

Here is a really cool dead Saguaro Cactus. 

Another great sunset. 

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