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Monday, 2 March 2015


There is a great fairgrounds in Hurricane called the Washington County Regional Park.  We headed there and arrived to lots of horses coming in for a horse show that weekend. It is a little confessing where to pay but we found a couple pens that were away from all the other horses.  If you are going to this fairgrounds your best bet is to call a head and reserve the paddocks and/or stalls- 435-652-4000. Very nice people at the fair grounds. The riding in the area is unbelievable. Below are some pictures we took well we spent almost a week in Utah before heading north before the snows came in.

This first ride we took was from the exit just south of exit 16. It is on the other side of the highway from the fairgrounds. Head back to highway from the fairgrounds take exit to south towards St George the first exit once you are on the highway exit to the right and stay right the trail head is right there.  We were able to park our huge rig there so lots of room. Trail head is right at parking lot. 

This trail system that was put in with the help of Back Country Horsemen goes for miles along the red rock cliffs and it joins up with other trail heads in the area.

We took a wash off the trailhead up and met up with the trail. 

One of my selfies. I have Ron right at my finger tips LOL

Looking over the whole valley

We took another off shoot of the trails to a ridge above the main trail. 

Coming down off the rim trail to where the dinosaurs once walked

Dinosaur tracks

Headed back to the fairgrounds and we watch a little more of the horse show that had been going on for the past few days. 

The third day at the fairgrounds it rained so we decided to head out in our smart car and check out new trail heads. We headed towards Zion mountain to a trail head the rimmed the top of the Virgin river. 

This trail is rideable but we decided because of the rain we would hike it. 

Fabulous views

Ron and Sammy on the edge. 

We drove a little farther to try and find the Coal Pits trail that goes into Zion. Then we drove to Zion. 

This is the same Virgin river but now we are at rivers edge in Zion park. 

Came back to the fairgrounds and lots of trailers were packing up for the weekend to leave. Had to take this picture here a large trailer I would say at least a 20' short wall with a 4 horse and it is being pulled with a dodge 2500. "Really"!!

Monday we did not ride as we woke up to a few inches of snow and it was still coming down. So we took off to do laundry and check in with Utah vets to get health papers to travel to Washington.

Tuesday we headed out to the Coals Pit trail head that is just before Zion and before Rockville on the right hand side. There is parking for big rigs right on the road. 

We too Coal pit trail all the way up until the river goes to the left. We took the wash to the left this is Scoggins wash. Once you go up a ways you will see the Scoggins stock trail going up to the left up the hill. This trail has the most incredible views. Below are some pictures of me and Hunter over looking Zion.  

We kind of took the wrong turn when we were up on the mountain there was a sign saying Chinle trail we should have gone to the right not the left. We came down the Coal Pits river it was a 11 out of 10 to make it through the rocks, quick sand and river. But we made it LOL

Some of our pictures after the tuff ride through the wash. 

Got Ron right where I need him at my finger tip. 

Great shot of Ron up on the mountain looking over at Zion.

Our last ride before heading north for the rest of our quarantine was White Reef Trail head. Coming out of the fairgrounds go straight across the street through the state park along the lake. You will come on in an old town called Harrisburg on the right. Turn right and you will see the tunnels on the left. Our rig will not fit through tunnel pictured below so we parked in the lot right at the first tunnel and rode through.

You will go right once out of the tunnel and head to the trail head. 

Lots of history in these hills going all the way back to the dinosaur Aira. 

We took the white reef trail that when all the way to the right then up and over the white reef 

Once up the trail comes down on the other side looking over the red cliffs. 

We rode towards the red cliffs 

Ended up going up a wash into this incredible canyon

The trail was now unpassible by horse so we hoofed it up a ways 

Not even a mule trail

It was worth the hike to go farther

There is a cool Arch once into the canyon on foot. 

Coming out of the wash we found this sign then the tracks below

Heading back to the trail head we follow a hiking trail to the right

People crossing over a bridge the horses have to go into a deep pool to get through to trail head.

Another great ride. It has been a great week here in Utah would loved to have stayed longer but they are calling for rain in St George and snow every where north of here. Time to head out before the snow falls.

Tomorrow we will head north.

Just a note for those Canadians in Arizona that follow my blog. Make sure you keep receipts to prove you are out of Arizona and also see a vet as soon as you can once out of Arizona to document you are out of Arizona with healthy horses.

Also for you Canadians here is the latest document on entering back into Canada.

Click here for doc 


  1. Thanks for the info. We will use it on our September trip. I love your pictures.

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