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Friday, 4 April 2014


We left Cottonwood Arizona on Wednesday morning trying to miss the snowstorm coming into Flagstaff later that day. We were heading to Page Arizona found a place to stay but little once we arrived we found there was little or no riding out of camp so decide to go all the way into Southern Utah and find a place to stay were we could ride from camp. I had been back and fourth with Gail Tolley from Paria River Ranch and they are right in the Grand Staircase National Monument I had been told. Wasn't sure if we wanted to stay right there as the prices were a little higher then what we were use to in Arizona for dry camping but then you alway get what you pay for. We drove in to the ranch and were greeted by one of the caretakers. They got us all settled in with all 6 of our horses. This place is placed right in the middle of the Grand Staircase riding from every point. They have showers, laundry, wifi, big corrals, trails right out the back and it is so peaceful. WELL WORTH every penny. 

Heading up the highway to Flagstaff before the snow falls.

Made it to Flagstaff some of the rigs needed diesel. This is the Pohl's rig in the picture. Our  friends the Walkers have not left Wickenburg yet hoping they don't hit snow.

Heading down the highway below Flagstaff still racing a storm coming in around us. 

To get to Page now you must turn off the highway about  60 miles north of Flagstaff on Hwy 89T / Hwy 20. There is no real signage to tell you highway to Page is closed.

Beautiful scenery in Page

This community owned horse facility was where we had planned on staying but there was no super scenic trails out of camp so we headed more north towards Utah.

We had no problem turning all our big rigs around. 

Heading over the dam at the Colorado river heading into Utah

Heading over the Dam that feeds the Colorado river into Lake Powel.

We headed down the highway until we got to the Grand Staircase National Monument I was told the Ranch was between mile marker 21 and 22 on the left hand side. 

There are community BBQ's , bathrooms with showers, laundry and even wifi.

For the tenters there are lovely covers areas with picnic tables.

They have one guest cabin and a Hostel that has 14 bunk beds for overseas travelers.

Dry camping is $22 per night or for $5 more you can have electrical. 

Horses are $10.00 a night

So it turned out the Walkers hit the snow storm in Flagstaff and to top it off there truck was giving them problems. They had also missed the turn to 89T so were now in Kanab. The truck now in the shop. We headed into Kanab to pick them up at the Rodeo grounds. They can camp here until the truck is ready. 

Really nice rodeo grounds in Kanab just across the highway from the airport in the Kaneplex up the hill. 

The Walkers arrived here in the dark on wednesday night. We towed there horses and trailer back to camp but before that we stopped to shop at Honey Market in Kanab. 

We put the boys in the kiddy seat before shopping LOL 

Our first ride we rode out through the back of the property. 

The trail winds in and out of the river coming down from Bryce Canyon.

Lots of photo ops all along the trail.

The rock formation change all through the canyon

Here is a picture of me on what looked like a big wave. 2015 update this is a place they call the White wave. Coming down the river you will see a way to get up over to the left side onto a gravel road you will see the white wavy hills on the left. 

Looking down from the wave rock. 

Irene Walker and I on the wave rock with Ron's horses head looking our way.

Great shot I took of Irene on the wave rock

Ross, & Irene Walker and me on the wave rock. 

Heading off the wave rock

Last look at the wave. To the right of the wave there is a sand draw the goes back to the Paria river. We head right from the wave and found a steep trail that got into the sand draw. 

Then we headed down a very steep sandy hill into a draw or canyon going up river

I was the last to head down "Look no hands" LOL

Ok it is really deep sand maybe I better prepare for it LOL

Heading up the canyon away from the Paria river.  2015 Update as you head up this sand draw keep you eyes to the right for a place well known as the Nauilus. Very cool rock canyon formation. 

More wavy rock formations

Ron heads up for a photo op.

Ron and Ross on the hill above

Shot of Ron and his horse Cimaron

Ross heading back down.

Here is a cute little canyon in a canyon

This is so cool (video below) 2015 update the video below is of the Nautilus such a cool area. 

We spent a little bit of time in this little wavy rock slot canyon

Shot of Ross above and both Ross and Irene below. 

Ross, Irene and I leaving the cavern 

We poked up the canyon a little farther to the end 

Another photo op looking down at the gang. 

Almost to the end

Love this trail!

We plan on staying now until Monday then heading to the Bryce Canyon area before heading home to Merritt. 

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