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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Just when you think you have seen the best rides of your life you ride another trail out the back of PARIA RIVER RANCH  and you find these amazing "Slot Canyons". Then you ride to the river to water your horses before heading back to camp. 

Another sunrise time to get ready to saddle up for another amazing ride.

The Pohl's loaded there horses up and started heading north home. We will miss them.

We rode up above the first "Slot Canyon" before heading down into it.

Looking down below.

Ross and his horse Patch above us. 

Sharon heading back down.

Heading back down to go into the canyon.

The Canyon gets pretty narrow. 

After the first Canyon we headed up the next wash that turns into "Long Canyon" 

This Canyon will hit a wall or waterfall so you have to find a trail up to the right above the wash.

The trail comes out above the waterfall

Patch Ross's horse find the only patch of grass in the canyon. LOL

Sharon heading back out the canyon.

Beautiful Canyon.

We headed towards the river after the Canyon. 

Another "AMAZING" ride. 

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