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Monday, 7 April 2014


This was our 4th day at Paria RiverRanch in Southern Arizona. Just when you think you have seen it all you ride down Paria Canyon draw and see 4 more "Slot Canyons' in a day. 

Horses having there morning sleep before another big day of riding.

Our campsite again at Copper Cloud Ranch (Paria Canyon Ranch)

Always cross rivers on straight stretches where you can see ripples in the water

Be careful of quick sand '

Many river crossing 

Old homestead

First canyon.

Second Canyon was too cool

Looking down on the horses

This is a coolest canyon

Super cool.

Looking up another draw

Looking back at the canyon.

Just too cool.

All us girls, Irene, Sharon and Me (Kelly)

OMG this is just too cool

It is amazing how a tree can grow in the middle of this slot canyon.

Look we can touch the both sides.

Great shot of Ron and I

Sharon and Teddy her little dog.

Irene and Ross Walker

Coming out of the canyon

Ron and I

Unbelievable shot of me taken by Ross Walker. 

One more day here at Paria Canyon.


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