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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


This was our last ride out from the Paria River Ranch (click to join their FB page) in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah. This time we were going to go as far as we could down the Paria river to what they call the "Narrows". I know the pictures look good but pictures do not do this place justice it is breath taking! 

Photo credits not only myself but Ross Walker

We headed out the back of the Ranch towards the river. You follow the river to the parking lot where the hikers park then from there it is another 4 miles to the narrows. 

If you are ambitious you can ride all the way back to Arizona on this river trail

Well I looked at the trail map I tied my wild stallion to the bike rack. 

This is just a short ways down the river great photos ops

Ross took this one of me and Hunter

Great one Ross took of Irene 

Sharon and Toby having a little drink.

Ron and Sharon

Yes this is me holding up the cliff LOL 

Ross took a great shot of Irene and I 

Here is a shot Irene took of Ross and Patches

Me taking a picture of Ross taking a picture of me LOL

This area was cool inside and out 

Short little slot canyon

The outside of the slot canyon had these cool hole in the walls

Ross took this great shot of Ron in the slot canyon then the one below of him in one of the holes in the wall.

Cool shot 

Wind and water over 1000's of year form these holes in the walls

Looking up the canyon

Love this shot

More holes in the walls here is a close up

Ross and Irene by the holes in the wall

This shot gives you an idea how high the canyon walls are.

Looking down to the "Narrows"

More shots of the Narrows

Ross took this fabulous picture of Ron going up the Narrows

Heading back to camp

Passing more of the holes in the walls again.

Look at the almost Pyramid rock cliff form in front of us. 

The last look at the holes in the walls 

We will miss this area already dreaming about our next years return. 

Off to Bryce we go keep posted about where to stay, who to contact about riding Bryce Canyon.



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