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Monday, 15 April 2013


We had a few good rides the few days we were at Bonnie Spring Ranch. We had to get our health papers redone before heading to Canada. We contacted Desert Pine Equine in Las Vegas and made an appointment for a health exam on both our horses. It took 4 days for the paperwork to get back for California so we had a few days to ride and visit the Las Vegas strip. We even caught a show "America's Got Talent". It was a great show with some of the top acts from 2012. The weather was a little wet and windy our second day but that was the day we took the horses to Desert Pine. The next few days were lovely. 

You can not miss the entrance to  Bonnie Spring Ranch

We had the whole rodeo grounds to ourselves

Here is a picture of the Bonnie Springs Hotel 

Riding to Blue Diamond and around the back to Bonnie Spring Ranch

There is a trailhead and parking lot for horse trailers between Bonnie Springs and Blue Diamond

You can see the small town of Blue Diamond ahead where there are green trees. 

First place we see when we get into town in a Fire department and Ron the retired "Firefighter" gets his picture with the fire truck.

The little store in Blue Diamond

A shot of the town from the back as we were leaving. 

More desert flowers 

Happy Trails 

We have to ride all the way back to the red rocks you see in the background. 

There is a cool Joshua tree forest on the other side of Blue Diamond. There are lots of trails in every direction made for horses and Mountain bikes. 

Almost back 

You can see the ranch in the back ground. This was about an 8 mile circle. From Bonnie's to Blue Diamond and then around the back and home again. :) Nice ride. 

Then is was off to the big city of Vegas to meet up with Ron's son Kerry and go for dinner 

The strip is always busy

Fountain at the Wynn

In the Wynn hotel

We only play $5 once it is gone we are out of there :)

Fountain in the Palazzo 

OK I told Kerry and Ron to smile this is what I got from them LOL 

Then after dinner Ron and I saw a show. This was the only picture I was able to take until after the show. Loved Tom Cotter. 

Lightwire was a great as well as the Olate dogs

The next afternoon once we got our horses health papers we headed out of Vegas. 

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