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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Losee Canyon Trail Head and info on this area in Utah

More on these fabulous area in Utah 

We headed out of our campsite to go Bryce Canyon City

As we were driving out to go do our laundry, get some Propane and empty our tanks we saw a herd of cool looking deer just past our Coyote Hollow campsite 
Ruby's General Store in Bryce Canyon City. The town should be called Ruby because everything here is owned by Ruby's. Ruby's opened in the early 1900's click here to find out their history.

Ruby's Old Town

At this gas station you can fill your water, empty your Sani and grey water, fill your Propane and get some groceries. 

You can do your laundry at Ruby's Inn

Heading back towards Hwy 89 0n Hwy 12 to the Losee Canyon Trail head

You will go through 2 tunnels heading back

You will past the information centre as well 

You will also pass the first red rocks on the right and the first trail head to Thunder Mountain on the left 

Casto Canyon  road 

After doing all our laundry we headed to another trail head Losee Canyon

To get to Losee Canyon Trail head you head back toward Hwy 89  on Hwy 12 you past the Red Canyon trail head and the info centre. You come out of Dixie Forest area once out you till see a sign Casto Canyon and Losee Canyon Trail Head turn right. Turn down gravel forest road to the right. For Losee Canyon you will head in about 2 miles. You can not camp at trail head but we did see some people camping just before the parking area for the trail rides are. There is limited parking in the trail head for large rigs.

Here is the trailhead 

Ruby's runs trail rides out of most of the trail heads so keep your eyes open for these riders. You do not want to spook their horses most of the riders are beginners or first time riders.  These were the healthiest trail horses I had ever seen. 

Parking a large rig in the area is tuff we were lucky enough to get permission from Ruby's trail riders wranglers to park our rig in their lot. It isn't too busy for them right now but in summer months there is no way you could park here. 

Start of the trail 

This trail is all along the floor of the canyon it is beautiful from start to finish

Another fabulous ride 
If you just want to visit this area without your own horses you can still ride all these beautiful Canyon's. Ruby's Inn does trails rides in Butch Cassidy Trail in the Red Canyon , Thunder Mountain, Losee Canyon and the outside rim of Bryce Canyon. They have lovely healthy horses. I was very impressed with what I saw. The wranglers were real horsemen and knew there stiff. To Book your trail rides "click here" or email 

To ride into Bryce Canyon you have to contact Canyon Trail rides  even if you are riding your own horses. They too have good healthy trail horses and you can do the Peek-A-Boo trail this one is magical. 

This area is well worth the visit. You can hike, bike and ride horses. 

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  1. Those "deer" as you called them are Antelope. A member of the goat family. And while your horses may be able to run down a mule deer, They will never catch up with an antelope.

    I amazed at how low the water level is in Losee Creek. Either the snow melt has not started or the area is in big draught. I've always seen a lot more water rushing down that canyon.

  2. I thought those deer looked like antelope but are antelope not from another continent ?? They were coo! I was also shocked there was little or no water in almost all rivers in Utah. Most of the snow was gone but you would think this time a year the rivers would flow.