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Monday, 15 April 2013

"BONNIE SPRINGS RANCH" riding the desert bloom

Our first ride out of "Bonnie Springs Ranch". We rode up to the stables from the arena area and headed out the back towards to Canyon walls. It was amazing to see how many desert flowers were starting to bloom out there. 
There is a sand road from the area to the stables and ghost-town. 

The hotel is like an old ghost town and over looks the red canyon and stables. 

For the most part the footing is nice and sandy 

Flowers blooming everywhere

Riding up to the red canyons 

Look at this cactus 

Looking back at Bonnie Springs Ranch 

Another Cactus blooming

Can you see Ron way up there on the hill?

More wild burro's 

Looking up the "Red Canyon"

More blooms

Back at the stables 

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