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Monday, 17 November 2014


Sorry I have not been doing too many Blogs lately. Got home from Arizona and Utah in late April. We got pretty busy getting our farm fencing finished all the way up the long driveway. We did a bunch of other work around our property as well I have posted pictures below.

We also helped our friends open an exciting new horse camp just up the street from us called Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp. So once we got all our work done around the farm we started doing some great rides from the new horse camp. Taking our young horses with us on trail rides to get them us to all kinds of things out on the trail.
This was our driveway when we got home from Arizona before finishing the fencing 

This is the driveway after we finished the fencing 

Here is the gate Ron first put in when fencing was finished down by the barn

He then replaced the gate with this hand made one he did from some of our local dead trees. 

I painted all the large rocks coming up the driveway

More painted rocks all the way up the long driveway

More painted rocks

We built over 20 jumps from all the dead pine beetle kill. The old pine trees make for a good cross country course. 

Slowly making rock retaining walls all the way to the house up the driveway. This is lots of work. 

The next pictures are all of the bird house Ron built and I painted they too go all the way up the driveway. 

I love this bird house 

We had time to take our yearlings out on some rides this summer. Getting them us to traveling in a trailer. 

Our first trip with the boys to Lundbom Lake 

Riding the grasslands of Lundbom Lake area. 

These colts are doing so well. 

The colts getting a pedi

Had a friend come up from the coast with his Drone and Gopro camera. He took some great video and photos of our farm. You can see how much fencing we need to do up the driveway. Over 300 posts and 1200 rails 

Great shot of the house, garage and cat encloser

Another one of my bird houses

We spent some time through out the summer and fall helping local ranchers with there cattle. 

Crossing a creek by Hidden valley rustic horse camp

Riding from  Hidden valley rustic horse camp

Ron and I took a clinic in Oyama at a Extreme mountain trail course

Our stallion "The Huntsman" was willing to go over the sway bridge 

We helped with Back Country Horsemen of BC with the Lundbom Lake improvement project.

The old corrals where is dyer need of repair and replacement. 

Over 8 Chapters of BCHBC and 47 volunteers , close to 800 hours to complete in less the 4 days. 

The beautiful finish corrals

Replaced 12 broken down corrals with 28 beautiful pipe corrals. 

We are excited to say that we have now started a new chapter of Back Country Horsemen of BC here in Merritt. 

Our first ride as a new chapter was a "Christmas Toy and food Bank Ride". We also did a hot dog sale by donation that we made over $200.00 for the food bank. Thanks to the over 13 riders that came out and donated both toys and food bank donations. We thank you and the Nicola Valley Food Bank thanks you. 

The weather is starting to get cold so we are planning out trip south starting next week. Crossing the boarder on the 26th of November heading to Southern Utah first to ride Zion Mountain then to "The Valley of Fire" in Nevada before heading to Cowboy Christmas in Vegas and on to Wickenburg AZ for Christmas and New Years. 

Have a wonderful Holiday season keep posted for new blogs about great places to ride and camp with your horses. 


  1. What an amazing job you have done there. Looks like every camping horseman's dream. Beautiful place!!

  2. Wow beautiful!!!! Both of you have done amazing work........... will for sure stop in at your lil Spotted shop


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