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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Trailer ride to Willow Creek

Who abandons a puppy out on the Desert? This cute little dog was dropped out on the desert to fend for himself. Thankfully he picked Darrell's trailer to hind under. He now has a new home unless an owner comes along.  

We got invited to go on a ride with a bunch of people from Goldfield. We loaded 12 horses into 3 stock trailers and headed up the road. 

Arriving at Trail head. Picture of Jim from North Dakota with my stallion Hunter "The Huntsman". Thank you Jim for making this ride possible.  

Heading out on an all day ride

The 3 Amigos  

Jim's wife Dawn

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  1. Where did you camp at Willow creek and what kind of facility is it? thanks. I'm looking for a nice place that's not too far from Cochise county. (don't want to go to Flagstaff for the weekend..)
    thank you much