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Friday, 22 February 2013

The day after the snow day.

All I can say is it must be global warming. One day it is 70 plus degrees and the next the snow is falling. Yesterday you could still see some snow on the tops of the mountains surrounding us. We took the horses out for a short ride before going to visit Ernie "Hurry up" on his Goldfield train. Then it was off for supper at the "Mammoth Steakhouse and Saloon"  were we had fun with the group from Colorado called "The Saddle Strings" .

It was kind of cool seeing Superstition Mountain sprinkled with snow

Looking over to Superstition from on top of my stallion Hunter ("The Huntsman")

Darrell and Ron taking a break well I take pictures

Darrell and Bailey 

Once back at camp little "Buddy Miner" was waiting for us to return.  

Headed up to Goldfield to ride the train

Ernie "Hurry up" on his Goldfield train

It is a full load of passage's this afternoon

Great shot of Ron on the train with Superstition in the background

Riding "Hurry up's" train is a must if you go to Goldfield. It is like a history lesson. 

Look at the snow on the Twin Peaks mountains

Thank you Ernie for a great ride !

"The Rubberband Bandits" are all together again. Ready to rob Ernie's train any day now LOL

Had such a great time with supper people. 

Darrell was the first to get up and dance with his new girlfriend LOL Yah I know she is married. 

Darrell's sole mate Dakota Jim LOL
And it was another fun day in Paradise 

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