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Monday, 28 July 2014


Well it has been a few months since my last Blog. We had a fabulous winter in Arizona and Utah got home to Merritt B.C. just has the weather was getting better. We had all of our exterior fencing to get finish before we could start riding here at home. We harvested all our rails off our property and our neighbours next to us over 800 rails. In less then a week Ron and I got all 150 posts in going up the driveway.  Below is a picture before we started this project. 
Driveway before fencing. We kept our horses in with just one tape of hot wire. 

All the trees for rails were harvested off out property and our neighbours one door down. 
Ron cut each rail to fit

The fencing all finished going up the driveway. 

To make it look real artsy I added some large boulders and painted them. 

I placed large rocks with the tractor all the way up the driveway and painted each one

Because we spend our winters in Arizona I wanted some of the rocks to have the Arizona feel

All the painted ponies where of course Black & White.
Our next project was building a cross-country course in one of our lower fields. A few years back the pine beetle came through Merritt and killed most of the pine trees. We have been cleaning up pine trees since we moved in. We decided another use for them would be jumps

Most of the logs we had to move by tractor

This is a cute little bank jump I added rocks too

A natural rail fence

Made this jump from some of the shorter pine logs

Then we added flowers to them

This is the largest jump on course I call it the Picnic table it is 2'9"

Another thing that has kept us busy is one of our neighbours down by Mamit Lake had an idea to start a Horse camp. They wanted our ideas before they started so my next blog will be about the new horse camp called "Hidden Valley Rustic Horse Camp". 

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