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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Heading South in less then a week

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Feb 4th update- We are not leaving now until the 5th. Last week just hours before we were ready to leave we got a offer on our farm with quick possession dates. In one week we have packed all our earthly belongings into a 20ft Container and our 4 horse stock trailer to store until we get home from Arizona and start our hunt for a new farm up in the interior. 

So keep your eyes on the blog starting tomorrow. The journey begins!

The trailer is mostly packed ready to go. Heading to the federal Vet today to have horse papers signed. Then off to our family Vet to have health papers signed on our exotic cat.

Our new Truck took some time to get ready but Ron has been working hard to get everything done in time. Tuesday is Ron last day of work after 28 years with the "Vancouver Fire department" he will head into Vancouver first thing Tuesday morning and hand in all his firefighting gear say his good byes and head home to leave.  "Retirement" and yes I am only a few months younger then Ron so I will be doing the same in July until then it is a Take a Break and my 6 weeks vacation all rolled in to one big holiday. :)

Here is what the trailer will look like heading down the road. We will be taking a different Smart car though Ron's Smart car will stay home and we will take my little red one.

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