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Thursday, 1 December 2011


Well it is less then a month until we leave for Arizona.

  Most people are rushing around getting ready for Christmas this time of year. Yes we are still getting ready for christmas but do we put a tree up? We plan to leave just days after Christmas to try and make it to the desert for New Years. Tree or no-tree ? I will still put some Christmas decor up anyway.

  We have an appointment for the 19th for our horses to get the blood-work done for the coggins test and health papers. Horses have had all their shots . Dogs and cats have had their rabies shots. Ron has been working on the LQ horse trailer double checking everything is in fine working order.

I am hoping that 2 months of not working will help my poor shoulders out. God I hate getting old. I can hardly wait until we are under those beautiful coloured skys that make Arizona so unforgettable.

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